Why Business?

The government of Kurdistan Region is gradually pulling away from having a huge public sector. It is 

shrinking the number of its current employees and employing less and less every year. 
Also, we are no longer
the isolated nation that we once were in the 80s and the 90 of the past century. 
Our trade with the neighboring
countries and the rest of the world is rapidly increasing. 
Many foreign and multi-national companies are coming to Kurdistan to stay. 
They seek locals who are highly
trained for administrative positions for the added benefits of their language, 
cultural and local communication skill. 
Our leading companies can no longer do business as usual because of the new 
challenges of communicating and competing with the rest of the world. 
They also need professionally trained locals who can help build better bridges with the rest
 of the world because of their cultural communication and networking skills along 
with their international-standard administrative knowledge.
This is one major advantage of getting a 
Business Administration degree with Komar University of Science and Technology. 
In our program, we offer 4 exciting specialization paths (majors) that Kurdistan’s new economy
 highly demands them. 
Please take time and review them on our website.

Admission Requirements