A seminar by Mr Aram Kokoy on KRI Economic Outlook

A faculty member of Business College, Mr. Aram Qader Kokoy was invited by the Head of Regional Section – Embassy of Greece to give a seminar, discuss current economic conditions and the key challenges facing several sectors in the KRI economy on Thursday Sept.13th.2018

Representatives from diplomatic missions in Erbil attended the seminar including:

Ms Raquel Torres Ruiz – EU Liaison Office

Ms Clarisse Pasztory – EU Liaison Office

Mr Dominic Musial – Head of the Polish Consulate

Mr Rafal Kliniewski – Polish Consulate

Ms Nisrin Khalil – German Chamber of Commerce – Liaison office

Mr Saler Zeyn – German Chamber of Commerce – Liaison office

Dr Ferenc David – Acting Head of the Hungarian Consulate General

Ms Klara Balog – Hungarian Consulate General

Mr Siviu Gramaticu –Romanian Consulate

Ms Barbara Schumacher– Consulate General of Germany

Ms Nancy Bergeron – Head of Canadian Embassy Office

Mr Stavros Stavrakos – Economic Counsellor at Consulate General of Greece

Mr Cameron Millard – US Consulate General

Mr Bradley Evans – US Consulate General

Mr Mohammed Faezi – French Consulate General

Nour Said- Technical University of Ostrava

Mr Orhan Unlu – Turkish Consulate General

Mr. Chandramouli K. Kern- Consul General of India

Tomas Kavalek- Technical University of Ostrava

Ms. Nancy Bergeron- Head of the Embassy of Canada

In the Q& A part the attendees actively engaged in discussion and enriched topics that were discussed including, housing market, unemployment, exchange rate market, challenges facing SME, potential opportunities for business, refugees, labor market, and potential ramifications of sanctions on Iran for KRI’s citizen.

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