KUST Faculty Presents a Paper on Future of Iraq’s Political System in Al-Najaf Conference

The Afro-Asian Organization for Civil State (AAOCS) organized a two-day conference for a select group of academic intellectuals and civil society activists from all over Iraq in the historic city of Al-Najaf in 5/6/2016. The title of the conference was “The Forth Republic in Iraq and Its Outlook”.

The conference was designed around the idea that the current political system of post-2003 in Iraq (Third Republic) is not salvageable.  Therefore, Iraqi activists and intellectuals who work towards a thriving civil society and a “civil” state, have to start conceptualizing the outlines of the next political system in Iraq in regard to the following aspects:

·         Requirements for a new social contact

·         Requirements for democratic change

·         Militarization of society and the prospects of civil peace in Iraq

·         Requirements for a sustainable economic development

·         Sovereignty and regional & international interference

·         The disputed areas of and the possibilities peaceful coexistence in Iraq

Dr. Alan Noory from Komar University of Science and Technology presented the paper on “Militarization of society and the prospects of civil peace in Iraq”, and actively participated in the committees that produced the main documents of the conference.

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