OSAR and Business Department Meeting with Prospective Students

For the seventh time, OSAR received another group of prospective students and their families in an Open House meeting in KUST, on Tuesday Nov. 3rd, 2015, at 2:00 P.M. Open House has been a series of meetings designed by Office of Student Affairs and Registration (OSAR), to allow prospective student to share more information about the University and how study life is. Each meeting is managed by OSAR and with the cooperation of one academic department of KUST; this time, it was the Business Department.
The purpose of these meetings is that each group of the prospective students will meet up with the relevant department, for a brief presentation and discussing academic programs and study regulations.
In each meeting the number of the families is increasing, and the attention and eagerness was obvious for knowing more about the kind of study system with which KUST is functioning.

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