Seminar “Gapminder Amazing Way to Present Data”

A Seminar On Gapminder: An Amazing Way to Present the Data

On Sunday (December 24th 2017), Komar University of Science and Technology, Quality Assurance Office organized a seminar for Dr. Mamta Singh (chairwoman of Business Administration Department) about “Gapminder: An Amazing Way to Present the Data”. She explained the applications of Gapminder as software used to understand statistics and other information about social, economic and environmental development at local, national and global levels. Dr. Singh also talked about the software that can help especially researchers and faculty members of social sciences to explore advance ways of presenting data and also to get information about income, health and environmental issues all across the world. At the end of the seminar, she showed different samples on how to use the software practically to the participants. This seminar was a part of series activities that will be conducted according to the Quality Assurance Calendar during Fall 2017.

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