The Failure of Economic Reform in the Kurdistan Region

Dr Nyaz Najmadeen, Chairman of Business Department, held a seminar on “The Failure of Economic Reform in the Kurdistan Region” on Wednesday, November 16, 2016 at Komar University of Science and Technology. Dr Nyaz argued that the success of economic reform largely relies on the choices available for ruling authorities as well as their willingness to share power with the people as well as with each other.

According to his view, since the birth of the Iraqi state and the Kurdistan Region, the interaction of non-civic traditions, rent seeking and centralization have been the main causes that hindered economic reforms, and desired to sustain development. To investigate, the study provides a comprehensive account of the failure of the region’s past and present economic policies and the sociopolitical structure that supported it.

The seminar gained a lot of attention and warmly welcomed by the audience. Members of Sulaimani Governorate council, journalists, academics, and students were actively participated in the discussion that followed his seminar. The study has been published online by British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies on September 5, 2016.