Undervaluing the Customer is A Major Barrier for Marketing in Kurdistan

On Mon. Jan 17th, 2016, a Faculty seminar titled “Undervaluing the Customer: A Major Barrier for Marketing in Kurdistan,” was presented by Mr. Sadiq Mohammed, in KUST.

In his seminar, Mr. Mohammed attempted to illustrate the level of the undervaluation of the customer in Kurdistan markets, and its impact on impeding the conception and the activities of marketing. For this purpose, he explained the centrality of the position of the customer in marketing processes, depending on the 4Cs model; customers’ needs, costs, convenience and communication. Then, Mr. Mohammed analyzed the data obtained from Suleimaniya customers and retailers, as a sample of Kurdistan markets, recently. Finally, he highlighted some of the relevant aspects of Iraqi Consumer Protection Law, to show how functional it is in the Kurdistan markets.

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