Venkatesh K.Andavar

Dr. Venkatesh Andavar graduated from Manonmaniam Sundaranar University India
with a PhD in Business Administration is a teaching faculty in department of
Business Administration, Komar University of Science and Technology.
Though he started his teaching career in India, he spent most of his time in Africa
namely 10 years in Ethiopia and Eritrea. He also worked in the beautiful island
nation of Maldives for three years teaching young minds with inspiring proficiency.
Apart from this he travelled to Kenya and Uganda in 2016 to sharpen his knowledge
and to understand the cross cultural management. With passion for new culture
and languages he wandered into the inhabitants in deserts of Danakil depression,
sub tropical forests of Ethiopia and hiked in to mountains of southern India.
Moreover interested in community welfare and development, he practiced rain
water harvesting, organized planting of trees, and trained students from rural
background on basic computer skills in Mizan-Tepi University, Ethiopia. As a
professional trainer in soft skills he trained employees of Tata AIG Insurance in
Bangalore, India and also gave training on management skills for various civil
service organizations in Maldives.
Basically with expertise in sales and business development and personal interest in
Information Technology, he teaches and guide students in courses like Marketing,
Sales management, Tourism marketing and environment, Management Information
systems and Total Quality management.

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